New and used Hyster plant machinery for Sale

For many people, there is only one name when it comes to forklifts and that is Hyster.

TraxTrader are delighted to offer a huge assortment of used Hyster trucks including pallet trucks, used forklifts, stackers, narrow aisle, LPG powered trucks, electric powered forklifts and the vast range of used Hyster diesel forklifts.

TraxTrader also offer the entire Hyster range of short wheel base, medium wheel base and long wheel base fork lifts. The famous Hyster H range is vast and is offered in both diesel and LGP variations. TraxTrader have a range of H series trucks available including used Hyster H2.0, used Hyster H3.0 and used Hyster H4.0 fork lifts to name a few. All other larger models are also available.

For electric powered Hyster forklifts, check out the used Hyster J1.5 electric forklift, the used Hyster E1.6XN and Hyster E2.0NX models and the larger Hyster E5.0XN models.

In addition, Hyster offer arguably the largest offering when it comes to pallet trucks, with stand on and fixed versions to choose from. The P series Hyster pallet trucks are exceptional value.

Our used Hyster pallet truck models include the Hyster P2.0, P3.0, P2.0 fixed amongst others. Completing the Hyster warehousing range of fork lifts, TraxTrader have various Hyster stackers, reach truck and narrow aisle forklifts available. Used Hyster S range stackers include used Hyster S1.0, used Hyster S1.6 and used Hyster S1.2 stand on stackers.

In terms of reach trucks, we have various R series models including the Hyster R1.4, Hyster R2.0 and the highest reach R2.5 model. TraxTraders used narrow aisle Hyster forklifts include the Hyster C1.0, Hyster C1.3 and used Hyster C1.5 models.

TraxTrader’s encompassing used Hyster range is second to none, so take a look at our used forklifts to find the right options for you.